IvyTop Resort in the Garhwal Himalayas


India Tour to Garhwal Himalayas

An India tour can be motivated by several reasons and requires multi-dimensional decision making. The astounding geographical variations in topography and climate, unique and extensive religio-cultural diversity, and its teeming billions make India a unique tourist destination. Apart from several tourist destinations in India that abound in every region marked by their own significance, opting for theme tours in India is a recent trend for travellers to the country. India tours come in several flavours: adventure tour, beach tour, desert tour, safari tour, etc. For travellers  having more time on their hands, choosing a leisure tour or a rail tour is an option. Yet others travel to India on a journey for affordable medical treatment.

Your India tour could be planned with an eye on your purse. In which case reservations would have to be made in one of the many cheap or budget hotels. For those whom such mundane issues are hardly worth worrying about, reservation for accommodation in luxury hotels and resorts could be combined into their tour choices; more often than not, independent of any holiday package or travel package.

Should your India tour choices be conditioned by visits to spots (tourist or otherwise) in North India, one destination that you might want to include would be the Garhwal Himalayas. The region has a lot to offer from the perspective of leisure and rejuvenating tours, adventure tours or plain, good-old “touristy” tours ! The region is also very popular for pilgrim tours to several holy spots for the devout (depending, of course, on your religious persuasion).

One himalayan destination for your India tour that can help you cover a lot of ground is the town of Srinagar (situated about 350 km from New Delhi, the Indian Capital). At Srinagar, choices of accommodation are aplenty; however, we would urge you to try out IvyTop. The Ivy Top premises are located on a hillock that overlooks the Alaknanda River (giving you an unhindered view of both the valley and the meandering riverine course). At IvyTop you can enjoy the view or spot the birds (there are some 50 different varieties) if that is what you fancy. Boating, rafting and fishing are other some other diversions. However, there’s so much you can (or can’t !) do at IvyTop, which is why we suggest you check it out for yourself.