Questions such as what to do, things to do and, perhaps, fun things to do while at Ivy Top will often be posed by visiting tourists who have time on their hands. While you will have ample scope and setting to pursue your interests or compulsions relating to writing and painting, there are so many other things to do at Ivy Top to garner a different experience while you are away from the usual hustle-bustle of modern-day stressed lifestyles. Some of the recreational or leisure activities that you might want to indulge in so as to address the "what to do" poser are: angling, birding, hiking, para gliding, walking, white water rafting, and trekking. Of course these are things to do that are in addition to the usual tourist attractions for sightseeing, photography, writing, painting or just good old plain "exploring" of places around here by the visiting tourist!


IvyTop and its surroundings have a rich flora attracting wide varieties of migratory and indigenous birds that can be spotted all round. Bird watchers have often reported very satisfying (and at times unique) experiences. Bird watching can be a relaxing and fun thing to do if you find the feathered friends captivating enough.

Walking / Trekking / Hiking

Srinagar offers some of the most amazing mountain walks, trails and river crossings, to all categories of trekkers and hikers from the enthusiast to the experts. Generic tourist attractions for trekking or hiking activities can be fulfilled in more than one way, should you feel quite up to the task or even if you just want to try it out.


The Alaknanda River provides some tranquil spots for angling.


Rafting experts are normally thrilled by the mystery of the River Alaknanda.

Para Gliding / Hang Gliding

The Valley offers perfect launching points atop the surrounding hills for these gliding sports. Of course these should be induldged in if you are experienced enough or under proper guidance. In which case, it can prove to be another exhilarating thing to do !

Temples Visits

There are several temples in the area that can be visited for all those who are inclined to do so. While many temples are within Srinagar town limits, others are in the immediate vicinity. Check out this list for more information.